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Långserud is a flourishing part of the Swedish countryside with a school, grocery store, café, much small enterprises, uncountable voluntary associations, friendly people and much more. The village is beautifully located and a good spot if you want to enjoy Swedish nature with the typical mix of open fields, deep forests and clear lakes.

There are plenty of places to explore and you are most welcome to visit!

Photo: Dennis Delin.


Elovsbyns old school is equipped with 32 beds (one double room and two dorms with 16 and 14 beds each), a kitchen, sauna, showers, WC and Wifi. Popular for schools and other groups. Book at


Swimming and fishing

Other outings!

Långserud flee market is worth a visit when they keep their doors open. Search at their Facebook page (”Långseruds loppmarknad) to find out when it´s open.